I'm Tomie

and I...

...use the Internet.
I'm pretty active on Twitter, GameJolt, and Github.

...am a Web Designer.
I'm behind the design of applications like qtradio.moe. I have a good knowledge of CSS3, SASS, React, Javascript and Typescript.

...am a Game Developer.
I am the creator of Blue Dude, a platformer made with Love2D that lets everyone create their stages with lua. I use Godot and Love.

...am a Pixel Artist.
All my art is on my Twitter. My drawings range from 8x8 sized sprites to 128x128 faces.

...have a Story.
I was born the 23rd of August in Rome, eleven years later I first discovered an arduino and I soon after fell in love with programming. Then I started getting into more and more things, from web designing to game developing and CLI software, to this day I am still learning many things!